City Municipality Plzen, Czech Republic
Main building designer
Construction Period
2013 - 2014
Project realisation
2011 - 2013
Activities undertaken
surveys, project documentation for planning permit, engineering documentation, public presentation of the project
Construction expenses
215 mill. CZK / 8 mill. EUR

TECHNICAL DETAILS: built-up area: 4800 m2 area of roads and paved areas: 8600 m2 bulit-up volume – new building: 5200 m3; reconstruction: 21 400 m3 The project in question and the plots of land for this project are situated in the northern part of the former Světovar Brewery site. The site is now situated in the inner city area which in the urban and functional terms can be described as a mixed-use city area. The authors of the design saw it as the main aim to protect the historical buildings by preserving the authenticity. All the existing spaces, which were originally serving as brewery production spaces, were designed as the bold yet subtle reinforced concrete structures giving the interior spaces almost spiritual character. The aim of revitalisation is, in the best sense of the word, "puristically" to clean and preserve these structures in their bare form (provided that their spatial dimensions and use conform with current building regulations) so they may impress visitors by their construction’s elegance and boldness, as well as their location. We see the building reconstruction as a process of cleaning the existing structures by removing the past deposits so as to stabilise their appearance and not as an attempt of creating replicas of buildings in their original condition. The main functional concept of the construction project is to provide a multi-purpose cultural space (4 x 4 Světovar Cultural Factory) and the Pilsen City Archive (Světovar Archive)

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