Správa Národního parku a chráněné krajinné oblasti Šumava
Main building designer
Construction Period
2012 - 2013
Project realisation
2009 – 2011
Activities undertaken
planning permit documentation, building permit documentation, tender documentation
Construction expenses
about 5,5 mil. CZK / 0,2 mill. EUR


Length of the bridge: 41.6 m
Span of the bridge: 36 m
Area of load-bearing construction: 104.3 m2

The objective of the project is the reconstruction of the Black Cross Bridge over the Cold Vltava situated on the border of the Stožec and České Žleby cadastre areas on the site of the bridge destroyed during the World War II. The original bridge was connected with the embankment 0.3–2.5 m high on the right bank of the Cold Vltava running from the Black Cross hamlet and the embankment 1.5–3.5 m high running towards Dobrá in Šumava. The aim of the project is to design a permanent, single-storey, one-way, single-span road bridge. The bridges foundations consists of the deep micro pilots, the abutments are the massive reinforced concrete structures lined with undressed stone. The load-bearing construction system consists of two laminated timber arches connected by steel cross beams with the crosswind bracing above. The bottom part of the structure, i.e. the tie rod, consists of two laminated timber beams. The arches are connected to the tie rod with S460N steel suspension connectors. The bridge roadway consists of the oak planks. 1.3 m high railing is positioned on the inner sides of the arches. The timber railing is on the each end of the bridge attached to the reinforced concrete abutment wing walls lined with undressed stone.

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