Centrum Pivovar, a.s.
Studio Acht
Main building designer
Construction Period
2012 - 2013
Project realisation
2011 – 2012
Activities undertaken
updating of and conceptual changes to the project documentation (working documentation stage), geodesy and surveying, site inspections (by the head designer), tender documentation, final working documentation, site inspections including the project coordination (by the author of the working documentation)
Construction expenses
500 million CZK / 18,5 million EUR

Built-up volume: 155 000 m3
Built-up area: 12 200 m2
Number of retail units: 69
Floor area of leasable units: 18 400 m2
Number of parking places: 380

In the area of the former Burger Brewery in Děčín city centre it is proposed to develop a commercial centre. The architectural design for the commercial centre respects the existing natural dominant structures in the set of former brewery buildings, stressing their exceptional character with the simplicity of the design approach. The mixture of old historic and protected buildings and the new extension is intended to give the impressive and special character to the proposed new complex which is to be unique in the entire city. Joining the original structures combining sandstone and face brick masonry walls with the modern glazed and concrete structures will result in providing the necessary structural dynamism to the complex. Skylights in the roof over the commercial centre passage will provide natural lighting and increase the spatial effects of connecting the old and new buildings. The main component of the commercial centre is the passage extending along the west side of the set of existing buildings with two east-facing main entrances on the north and south side. The external envelope of the entrances between the existing sets of buildings consists of light glass walls in the aluminium framing system. The passage, with retail shopping and service units, cafes and restaurants for the visitors on either side, basically provides access to the two commercial floor levels. Both the commercial floor levels are vertically connected by a pair of two-way escalators close to the south and north entrances and the personnel lift in the central brewery building. From the upper floor level there will be an access to the roof of the new extension which will be used as a car parking area which will completely hide the new extension on the west side. The facades of the set of former brewery buildings will be renovated and restored as close as possible to their original condition at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, which was a period of the greatest prosperity of the brewery.

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