FIM Development, s.r.o.
OBERMEYER HELIKA a.s. - Ing. arch. Petra Trnečková , Ing. arch. Radka Půlpánová, Ing. arch. Peter Kótka
Main building designer
Construction Period
Project realisation
Activities undertaken
architectural study, planning permit documentation, engineering
Construction expenses

TECHNICAL DETAILS Plot area 5,6 ha
GFA 95.140 m2
650 residential units
20 000 m2 office space
900 parking lots

The main aim of the plan is to identify and highlight all the values of the territory, to restore them and to re-integrate them into the broader Vysočany area. We are therefore considering and propose leaving in place as much of the former mill building as possible, the high chimney and the former early-20th-century administrative building designed by the architect Hubert Gessner. These plans also include the regeneration of the entire locality, retaining the genius loci of the place, the revitalization of important buildings and also restoring life to what is currently a dead complex that is closed off to the public.

The design respects the morphology of the terrain and divides the area into two distinct parts.

The bottom part enables new street apartment buildings to be linked and constructed; to bring life into the area we propose that the ground floor be taken up partly by commercial and other units; a mixed-purpose building will be constructed closest to the metro, which will also serve as a barrier blocking out the busy road. At the top part of the land the residential built-up area spreads out and blends in with the villa-lined streets starting in Pod Krocínkou street.

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