Statutární město Plzeň
Head designer
OBERMEYER HELIKA–Ingem Association
Construction Period
2011 – 2014
Project realisation
2009 – 2013
Activities undertaken
architectural study, planning permit documentation, building permit documentation, construction documentation, site investigation, legal process, authors supervision
Construction expenses
800 mill. CZK / 27,8 mill. EUR

built-up volume: 82,600 m3
built-up area: 3,800 m2
number of car-parking places: 193

main hall – 500 persons
alternative hall – 150 persons

With the construction of a new theatre in the close vicinity of the historic centre of Pilsen it is proposed to enclose the uncompleted block situated between Pobřežní and Jízdecká Streets, Palackého Square and Sady pětatřicátníků. The enclosure and completion of the block in the close vicinity of the historic city centre is the main aim of this urban concept with design criteria specified by the urban plan for the area.

The new theatre consists of two functionally and structurally interconnected constructions – the theatre building and the operation and services building. The main entrance to theatre in the south facade of the building defines the architecture of the facade of the theatre by gradually changing character and becoming an object of scenography ¬¬– the sculptural reinterpretation of decorative theatre curtain. The white decorative front of this "curtain" is faced with white terrazzo. The main construction material of the exterior of the building is surface finish concrete coloured in the saturated red colour shade using inorganic pigment (iron oxide red).

The theatre building consists of two theatres – one large theatre with auditorium for up to 500 spectators and one smaller studio stage with auditorium for about 150 spectators. In between the two buildings there will be an open space expanding towards Palackého Square and creating a "theatre square" with a sculpture in the centre complementing and accentuating the architectural design of the theatre. The new theatre will provide stage for four types of theatre companies – drama, musical, opera and ballet.

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