Hermosa Real Estate, a.s.
AVE architekt, a.s.
Main building designer
Construction Period
2010 - 2011
Project realisation
2010 – 2011
Activities undertaken
alteration of documentation for urban planning permit submission, documentation for building permit submission, construction documentation, as-built documentation, author supervision
Construction expenses
CZK 250 million

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Built-up volume: 53,350 m3 Built-up area: 3,395 m2 Number of car-parking places: 439 The parking building is situated on the land which has been zoned according to the urban plan for the area to allow construction of buildings of this type. As the building is sited in the municipal heritage area its volume and architectural design was at the level of urban planning permit submission consulted with the representatives of the heritage protection section. The external dimensions of the building are 88.2. x 38.8 metres. To provide easy pedestrian connection with the historic city centre, a footbridge (2.5 x 46.7 metres) was designed running from the Floor Level 2 over the four-lane Tyršova Street with the supports located in the green strip alongside Tyršova Street and the green, vegetation-covered slope on the edge of Sady 5. května. The car parking system in the parking building is proposed in the D'Humi car parking system moved half way up the floor level. The cars will be crossing short ramps joining the floor levels and, as the ramps are sloped in opposite direction, they will enter and exit the car park moving in one direction in all the spaces of the car parking building. This system also allows the entry and exit routes in the car parking building to be separated which is a great advantage in large car park parks in terms of operation and traffic. The entrance to the parking building from Truhlářská Street is situated opposite the Lautersack House. The exit is situated at the other end of the building near the temporary access road to provide connection to the future Roudenský Bypass. The proposed capacity is c. 439 parking places. On the ground floor the mezzanine level will be animated by the glazed windows of the commercial area. The longitudinal facades of the car parking building will be articulated in horizontal direction by the ceilings and bearers. The building envelope is generally transparent while a different type of envelope will be used for the sunlit facades facing Tyršova Street and another, vegetation-covered facade is proposed for the facades facing the river and Lautersack House. On the corner section, which will be fully glazed and lined with amorphous panelling, there will be a luminous pictograph and a large sign providing information about the number of the car parking spaces available.

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