Krajský úřad Královéhradeckého kraje,
Main building designer
Construction Period
stage 0: 2014
Project realisation
2009 - 2015
Activities undertaken
study for development of Náchod Regional hospital by 2020, planning permit documentation, synergies in the negotiation of planning permit documentation, building permit documentation 1.stage, building permit, tender documentation, study 2nd stage of modernisation
Construction expenses
1.615 mill. CZK / 60 mill. EUR

built-up volume: 195 355 m3
built-up area: 8 966 m2
TYPICAL UNITS: 7 operations theatres, 412 beds including intensive care and emergency outpatient unit , 35 outpatient unit, MRI, CT,X-ray, laboratories etc.

The main aim of the project is to complete the construction of the complex of the Náchod Regional Hospital. The urban and architectural design is based on requirement to coordinate, integrate and modernise the basic functions of the hospital which is currently dividend into two functional sections (the upper and the lower hospital centre). The completion of the lower komplex and subsequent vacation of the upper centre will reset in amalgamating the currently fragmented hospital wals and examination facilities thereby providing better access to medical care for the patients.

The proposed building komplex is dividend into three basic sections – the entrance section with the admission, outpatient and emergency admissions unit, the section with examination and treatment facilities and the wards. The basic feature of the proposed design concept for the komplex is to create preconditions for smoothly functioning operating relationships, that is for the collision-free movement of persons and materials. The design proposes creating a central corridor consisting of a system of passageways on several levels running through the entire komplex from the lowest section, which is the entrance section with the admission unit (out-patient units with emergency) to the existing pavilion (pathology unit with laboratories) situated at the highest level.

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