IPB Real, a. s., Senovážné nám. 27, Praha 1
Main building designer
Construction Period
Project realisation
January 1998 – May 1999
Activities undertaken
Design for the territorial proceeding
Construction expenses

The fundamental principle of urbanistic lay-out is to compose the classic urban structure with the all town creating elements. The composition of proposed solution takes into account the significant mass of green which is surrounding the locality inclusive of the grove in the eastern part and results from the presumption of the smooth disintegration of urban objects towards the green areas. The northern part of locality including the IKEM facility is designed by simple composition of existing buildings both of identical function and the mass expression. The other part of the lay-out is designed to compose pleasant environment of the residential block reversed to each other, separated from the acoustic and sight point of view from the street Vídeňská by the help of green barrier and by the help of barrier house. The complying with the terrain morphology, the natural surrounding and the links to the wider surrounding with the all mutual relations are fundamental attributes of urbanistic lay-out. Next important element is the foot path links to surrounding and the massive of Krcsky forest and on the green strips, passing through the territory toward the west-east direction. There is proposed the local bio-corridor in the northern zone. The elevations level of development was chosen like that the entire area concur the surrounding area. Significant composition element the commercial and administration building, located in the northwest part of group B, nearby the street Vídeňská. The urbanistic structures applied in the proposal, are consists of block, serial and solitary buildings. Among the residential blocks in the east direction “the green boulevard” is proposed, linking the square with the forest park. The residential blocks with the group of serial houses are comply with the soft terrain morphology and with the mass of green barrier extended by additional park areas.

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