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design proposal – developer competition, urban design study
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The proposed area is located in Karlín and Libeň municipalities on the banks of Vltava River. The south boundary of the proposed area is Pobřežní Street, on the north side the boundary is defined by the anti-flood wall. The total area of the islands is approximately 200,000 m3. According to the design proposal, the area will be divided into four sections – i.e. the four islands. Each of the island has its unique character. The characters of the Karlín, Invalidovna and Libeň Islands had been inspired by the urban characters of its respective municipalities. Maniny Islands is different in this respect because of its significance as part of the city area. The islands are also surrounded by several parks of thematic design. The study is based on the requirements of the Prague Capital City Urban Plan. The proposal respects the newly constructed Pobřežní Street, cycling path on the anti-flood wall as well as the existing tramway lines and the site of Invalidovna Metro station. The concept also observed the limits concerning functionality and use of the proposed area.

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