VOLVO Truck Czech s. r. o., Praha 4
Ing. Arch. Roman Roupec
Main building designer
Construction Period
Project realisation
Activities undertaken
completed pre-design preparation of the construction, building permit documentation, planning permit documentation, construction documentation, author supervision
Construction expenses
70 mill. CZK / 2,6 mill. EUR

bulit-up volume: 23 000 m3
built-up area: 2 981 m2
outdoor green: 5 680 m2

number of parking lots: 30 private cars, 1 disabled person private car, 14 towing vehicle with the semi-trailer, 15 towing vehicle without the semi-trailer, 2 buses

New building of the VOLVO cars sale and service area concept is the hall with the steel construction. The additionally brick worked administrative building is annexed to original building. The goal of service centre construction was to create the basic service background for the trucks and buses, furthermore than the background for the training activity of company employees. The main section of the object is formed by two upright one floor rooms. In the like this erected corner is located the entry of cars and the dispatching of cars (entire contact with customer), upstairs the store with supplement parts for cars and the administration operation (training centre). The glass façade of this part of the building is composed from the structured white vertical elements. The existence of floor on the façade is acknowledged by the blue advertising stripe accordant to the requirement of company VOLVO identification program. In the service centre are placed administrative rooms for offices for the technicians, for the manager and management, the reception with the small sale point of a car accessories, sanitary facilities for the company employees, storage management and the technical background the service operation, individual repair boxes for the various type of reparation works of trucks and buses, box for the manual washing of towing vehicles together with saddle trailers and buses, meeting room and the separate area for the drivers of repaired vehicles. The operational part of Service centre VOLVO is designed for the production program as follows: cars guarantee inspections, pre-sale service and new cars handover , diagnostic, scheduled maintenance, common repairs of lorries, bodies repairs, lacquering of individual vehicle parts, washing of lorries and buses, training and administration. The repair mono-block is consists of the ground floor L shape hall, with the partial administrative annex. The access to individual repair boxes is ensured from the level of surrounding roads all over the periphery of the hall. The entrance into administrative part of the object is through glass vestibule and entrance hall with reception.

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