Chapman Taylor International Services Ltd.
Chapman Taylor International Services Ltd.
Main building designer
Construction Period
1998 - 1999 (1st stage), 2001 - 2002 (2nd stage)
Project realisation
1997 - 1999 (1. stage), 2000 - 2002 (2. stage)
Activities undertaken
1st stage: consulting, preparation of a part of the pre-design and design documentation, author supervision. 2nd stage: documentation for the building permit and for the tender on the general contractor, documentation for the execution incl. coordination drawings, the issuing of the building permit and the final building approval, building author inspection, checking of the contractor’s documentation, documentation for the setting of structure into operation, checking of shopping units documentation
Construction expenses
1 000 mil. CZK(1. stage), 1 200 mil. CZK (2. stage)

Built-up volume: 240 000 m2 (1st stage), 260 000 m2 (2nd stage)
Built-up area: 25 600 m2 (1st stage), 26 000 m2 (2nd stage)

Typical units:
Mall: approx. 100 shopping units (10 of that over 500 m2 )
Multi-cinema: 12 rooms
Hypermarket with background, shopping units, food-court.

The construction of the largest shopping centre in the Czech Republic nowadays – Shopping centre Letňany was built-up in several stages. The company HELIKA, a. s. participated on the preparation and implementation of the first two stages from 1997 to 2002. Developed area of 1st stage makes 2,6 ha and the shopping area is 16 000 m2. This stage consists of 4 sections: hypermarket Tesco inclusive of storage and office background, shopping arcade, leaseable shopping units flanking the hypermarket and the central offices of company Tesco in Czech Republic above them. The development of the public park and of the children’s playground in total area 2 ha was a part of the study. In the 2nd stage was the shopping centre Letňany enriched by additional shopping and entertainment section. This includes the multi-cinema with 12 rooms, 8 of which were equipped and set into operation, untraditionally conceived food court for more than 460 guests, restaurants, coffee lounges and more than 80 new sale units. Also the parking capacity was gradually extended and after the 2nd stage it offered cca 3 500 parking lots. The total area of both stages of the project, in which the company Helika participated, reached more than 46 000 m2. After the finishing of 3rd and 4th constructional stage (2008) the entire complex of Shopping centre Letňany represented the largest entertainment and shopping centre in the Czech Republic.

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