Investment Department of the City of Pilsen (Odbor investic Magistrátu města Plzně )
Akad. arch. Milan Varvařovský, MgA. Tereza Varvařovská,
head designer
OBERMEYER HELIKA a.s., arch. spolupráce: Ing. arch. Tomáš Šantavý
Construction Period
2019 - 2021
Project realisation
2017 – 2018, author supervision 2019 - 2020
Activities undertaken
building permission documentation (administrative villa), documentation for building alteration (main building – former beer cellars Světovar), construction documentation for both buildings including legal process, author supervision
Construction expenses

built-up volume: 7335 m3 (villa), 51 500 m3 (former beer cellars)
built-up area: 500 m2 (villa), 5046 m2 (former beer cellars)
usable area:
children´s group: 24 children (villa)
workshop: 200 m2(former beer cellars)
offices: 335 m2 (villa), 3392 m2(former beer cellars)
background, warehouse: 332 m2 (villa), 1105 m2 (former beer cellars)

The project of reconstruction of the former Czech Brewery Světovar in Pilsen, which is included amongst cultural herritage buildings. The reconstructed building will be used as the Dronet Technology Park, which aims to attract companies to Pilsen engaged in the field of development and production of drones and the development of applications connected with their use in practice. Part of the project is also the reconstruction of an administrative villa, a additional building of the former brewery, which will be used as offices, workshops and facilities for employees.

The Dronet Technology Park was founded on the initiative of the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen and focuses on supporting companies not only in the field of unmanned aerial industry but also in other modern technologies. The main building is designed as a complex of rentable offices, prototype production, testing, exhibition and lecture spaces, meeting rooms and accompanying areas for employees and operating technicians.

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