Fakultní Thomayerova nemocnice s poliklinikou
Main building designer
Construction Period
Project realisation
July 2009
Activities undertaken
Concept study, Presentation booklet
Construction expenses

The structural development plan of Thomayer´s University Hospital site serves for a long term flexible planning of reconstruction and finishing of a site focused on the modernisation of this health centre, on the improvement of quality of medical care provided and on the increase of effectiveness of its operation. Furthermore the plan verifies the possibilities of the given site exploitation according to chosen intention and of the proposed facility capacities. The site of Thomayer´s University Hospital is in its entire lay-out range included among the area of public facilities in the territorial plan of the city of Prague. The structural plan solves primarily the patient reception system, by establishing of the patient central reception and urgent reception with the link to the anaesthetic-resuscitation unit, the depiction methods department and surgery rooms, including the central sterilization unit, the heliport place, purposeful grouping of the related medicine branches and the casualty ward centralisation. The implementation of majority of these services is proposed in the structural plan in the new building construction, which is linked with Kozak´s urban concept of Masarykovy domovy. The existing buildings are supposed to be used after reconstruction for the bed units and for the policlinic operation. The structural plan furthermore takes into consideration the erection and revitalisation of the administrative- technical zone, the parking house, the covered corridors for pedestrian patients ´ and employees´ operation, the underground corridors for the administrative branches´ operation. The need of educational room is solved as well. The structural plan also includes: the assessment of the contemporary status, the draft of the traffic and communication solution, the draft of administrative branches, the concept of infrastructure – the main utility network routes, the assessment and design of greenery. The project identifies the main principles of presupposed reconstruction progress of the existing and new building constructions in 5 stages, under condition, that the entire revitalisation will run under regular hospital operation.

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