Škoda Auto a.s., Mladá Boleslav
Main building designer
Construction Period
2013 - 2017
Project realisation
2012 - 2017
Activities undertaken
planning permit and building permit documentation, tender documentation, construction documentation, documentation for building alteration, author supervision
Construction expenses
1.700 mill.CZK / 63 mill. EUR

built-up volume: 866 650 m3
built-up area: 48 185 m2
area of the roads and parking lots inside the complex: 6 569 m2
area of sidewalks: 730 m2
area of greenery and other unpaved surfaces: 2 810 m2

Manufacturing (welding) and logistics hall of a planned capacity 650 car bodies a day in three-shift operation is streamlined with the standard achieved by the corporate image level: walls lined with profiled sheet metal, smooth sheet metal under the attic wall, emphasised by the concrete strip of the pedestal, above which runs a continuous row of windows. Some parts of the building are strictly required to be windowless (measuring room), and these are divided by different profiling of the façade panels. Other window areas have exterior shutters. A major feature is a tower in the southern corner opposite the main vehicle entrance into the complex, above a recessed column basement. In the SW wall will also be located the rising section of a collector from the ground to the roof.

The building’s architecture is utilitarian of a technicist character, which formally and material-wise matches the existing hall as well as the character of the other plant buildings. The design is mainly dictated by space requirements on technologies, routes of material flows and safe movement of people inside the building. The project also includes all infrastructure.

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