Building information modeling (BIM)

When creating designs, we use an innovative method of three-dimensional building information modeling that is often referred to as BIM. Building Information Modeling is a structured database in which all information about the building from all participants is entered during the process of preparation and implementation of the project. All project teams are able to work simultaneously and coordinate their activities on the project, detect potential clashes in a timely manner, and thus, prevent complications during construction. The model also enables the implementation of simulation and analysis. On this basis, the proposal is continuously optimized without the need for lengthy and costly redesign documents – technical drawings are generated directly from the model. The building information model is not only for the preparation of project documentation; it also contains useful data for the construction, management and liquidation of the building. It therefore provides better control over the project for the architect, as well as for the investor and user.
The transition from simple 3D modeling to an information model enables a more comprehensive grasp of the project and coordination of its various components. It represents a significant shift to increased quality and economic efficiency of the design process. As one of the most progressive design offices transitioning to the BIM method, we are constantly working on the most efficient use of its potential.