Energy-efficient buildings

Regardless of whether buildings are newly built or renovated, we advocate and promote an environmentally responsible approach that is reflected in the design of energy efficient buildings. The energy characteristics of buildings are affected by their mass, choice of construction materials, quality of workmanship and proposal for technical system infrastructure. We include all of these elements in the project and the BIM method allows us to optimize them to create the most effective whole during the course of the design process. That is why our projects meet the strictest requirements for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. During the design process, the model performs analysis and simulations and verifies the validity of the proposed solutions. Minimizing energy demands and other resources required for building operation naturally translates into cost savings associated with the use of the building for the investor and future users. This is the reason our projects are attractive in the real estate market.
A responsible approach to the environment increasingly intervenes in the design and construction of buildings. At the same time, there’s a growing demand for their energy and environmental certification. Obermeyer Group provides services in the LEED and BREEAM certification systems. They are more focused on the BREEAM system, which is dominant in the European region.