Jiří Fousek: The real revolution awaits us for the first time

For the fifth year, he has been leading the Obermyer Helika company, which is part of the international Obermeyer group. In its portfolio we can find a number of important buildings as Sazka Arena, Czech National Bank building, shopping centers, hospitals, logistics halls. 3D and BIM technologies are becoming increasingly visible. According to Jiří Fousek, what will the future of the construction industry look like? "The pandemic is accelerating development, the question is whether investors will also have the courage to fulfill it," he says.

In BIM technology, you consider yourself the leader on the Czech market. Do you owe this to the progressiveness of the international mother?

Of course, international companies are more inclined to do so. The owner also decided that we will be a purely BIM company. However, I dare say that the Czechia is relatively far in this area and I do not think that we would be behind in comparison with Germany, for example. But beware, BIM is often confused with 3D design, which works perfectly, while BIM - and now I'm a heretic - still needs to refine and clarify what's meaningful and what needs to be adjusted, even with international requirements.

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