We participated in the competition for the architectural design of the project for the modernization of the Regional Hospital in Liberec. Among the thirteen designs, judged by a jury of experts, hospital representatives and regional representatives, we have ranked among the six best teams that have received a financial reward.

The work was taken by the team of architects Pavlína Pospíšilová, Ondřej Míčka and Aleš Nedvídek. Tereza Drahošová, Tomas Janecek, Josef Kriz, Jana Prazakova, Zdeněk Sůva and Petr Vašina collaborated on the proposal. The basic idea of ​​the proposal is that a modern hospital is a living organism that is constantly evolving. "Our goal was to create functional units, a pleasant living space for patients and a welcoming work environment for employees," explains Ing. arch. Pavlína Pospíšilová, head of architectural department and co-author of the concept. The proposal consists in a clear layout of the hospital area, the center of which should be an emergency reception with a new heliport, which is connected with other buildings with the new spine led by the center of the hospital. According to the plan, the original objects should be gradually replaced as completely new. Part of the proposal is also a new square with greenery, which also serves as the main entrance to the hospital.

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