OBERMEYER Group, a major global design company that operates in the Czech Republic through its subsidiary HELIKA, merged their domestic activities in September 2015. Architectural and design firm HELIKA merged with their subsidiaries that specialize in project management systems and building technology. The new entity is named OBERMEYER HELIKA and offers all of the group's activities under one roof on the domestic market.


OBERMEYER HELIKA continue with the activities of HELIKA, Obermeyer Albis - Stavoplan and Obermeyer HVAC to become the design, engineering and consulting company with the most comprehensive range of services on the Czech market. Greater coherence and flexibility of design work is one of the main objectives of the merger. "We expect this step to primarily improve our services and simplify our internal management system. With the transition to 3D design, in which the Czech market continues to excel, we can effectively link the activities of individual professions for the preparation and implementation of construction. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, we are able to respond more flexibly to client demands and offer them an optimal solution", explains Ing. Milan Licehamr, CEO of OBERMEYER HELIKA.

HELIKA are major domestic architectural and engineering companies that are celebrating twenty-five years of success on the market. OBERMEYER Group are one of Germany's largest independent design - engineering companies, with business activities carried out on world markets since 1958. From the beginning of their business activities, they have put special emphasis on high quality services while respecting the latest standards in the fields of construction, protection and development of the environment. "The merger strengthens links in the OBERMEYER Group. As a member of a strong group, we are in a better position to take advantage of the new challenges and opportunities offered by the global market", adds Milan Licehamr.