At the well-attended brunch with journalists, which was held October 11, 2017 at the Grand Mark Hotel, we presented our experience with the transport infrastructure and PPP projects, which we acquired in the capacity of Technical Advisor construction management of the Bratislava bypass through PPP. The tender, commissioned by the Ministry of Transport SR, held in the form of so-called Competitive dialogue, which consisted in finding the best solution based on the minimum requirements for the project. The entire project highway bypass is currently implemented as a PPP project (Public Private Partnership - a project of public-private partnership), where, through a tender found a contractor (concessionaire) that provides design, construction and maintenance for a period of thirty years of the concession, and these activities will secure and financing (ie. DBFO model).

Czech Republic is to the successful implementation of PPP projects nationwide still waiting. But the change indicates the current developments around the completion and subsequent operation and maintenance of 32 km long motorway section D4 between Pribram and sand. The total length of the highway D4 is 84 km away and is now completed 47 km, then under construction is nearly 5 km. The Ministry of Transport is seeking the optimal variant of securing the completion of the D4 motorway connecting Prague with Southern Bohemia, and building additional kilometers of highways in the country. One of the variants of PPP projects.