New children‘s pavilion, Gynaecology & Obstetrics And Neurology Departments
Kraj Vysočina
Head designer
Project period
2019 – 2022
Construction Period
2020 – 2022
Services provided

project documentation for a joint permit (planning + building permit documentation)
construction documentation including bill of quantities
permitting services
author's supervision


2.200 m² built-up area
40.000 m³ built-up volume
8.300 m² usable area

Interiér nemocnice Pelhřimov nový pavilon
Project description

This new five-storey building provides modern facilities for the Children's Ward as well as for the Gynaecology & Obstetric and Neurological departments. The building is connected primarily with inpatient hospital operations using the central connecting corridors on the three above-ground floor levels. The corridors increase efficiency of the hospital as an easier access to central operating theaters or the possibility of faster resolution of acute conditions requiring interdisciplinary cooperation.

The project included the location of a urological and neurological outpatient clinic, including the main entrance, on the upper floors there is the children's department incl. an inpatient ward, a maternity hospital, a neurological inpatient unit and on the last floors, a gynecology clinic. In the lowest single underground floor there are parking and handling areas for transport ambulances. The project is designed as a passive building.

The shape of the building was designed in the minimalist form of a block on a column base, which is partially hidden in a steep slope. This rises the impression of a levitating mass upon the main entrance to the area, which is further enhanced by the appropriately chosen, fully glazed facade of the first, entrance floor. The basic shape of the block is extended to a height of three floors, thus supporting the perception of a house that naturally grows into the ground. When searching for a motive, the authors were inspired by the rocky slope from which the new pavilion rises and projected it into abstract motives of broken lines written into the facade cladding with a double roughness of the surface. The expression of the facade changes under the impact of the sun's rays, both from different points of view and also according to the daytime.

Building of the Year Award 2023
The title of Building of the Year was awarded to the very well thought out functional operation of the 5-storey hospital pavilion. The jury appreciated the professionalism of the designers, the spatial solution of the design and the effort to make an artistic effect of the orientation system of the new building.

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