As the general designer, we successfully completed the work at the Lanškroun polyclinic

Publication 4. 8. 2022

The Lanškroun Polyclinic, which is located in the historic center of the city, has become a modern medical building after the completion of several years of phased construction led by the general designer Obermeyer Helika. The founder of the polyclinic, the city of Lanškroun, has prepared top-notch working conditions for doctors and ensured quality health care for its citizens in the future.

The goal of the project was to create a new layout and operational solution for the polyclinic, to optimize its operation, to achieve variability in the internal layout and to increase clarity and good orientation for patients. „By completing and putting the second stage into operation, we have successfully completed the work that meets the current requirements for ambulatory healthcare. The modern premises offer suitable facilities for outpatient specialists, who will be easier to reach for patients here under one roof. We believe that our fellow citizens will appreciate this investment of CZK 130.2 million,“ says Mgr. Radim Vetchý, mayor of Lanškroun. 

Ing.Jiří Houda, chief engineer of the project from Obermeyer Helika, talks about the progress of almost five years of work: „It seemed an easy task to place a building very similar in volume and shape on the site of the original polyclinic. However, it had to meet the new requirements for internal layout and equipment. It was necessary to finish the building in every detail and to comply not only with the applicable operating regulations, but also with the requirements of historic preservation in cooperation with the client and future users. In this way, we were able to take advantage of many years of experience in the design of healthcare buildings. In some cases, the doctors and specialists for specific workplaces were already known from the beginning of the work, but some workplaces had to be modified for new users while still in the construction process.“

The architectural and design office Obermeyer Helika performed the role of general designer during the period of work on the reconstruction project of the Lanškroun Polyclinic, provided the documentation for the zoning decision, building permit, and documentation for the construction. Last but not least, she also ensured the author’s supervision of the construction. The reconstruction of the Lanškroun Polyclinic took place in two stages, which were always carried out while part of the surgeries were in operation. The first stage dealt with the demolition of the southwest part of the original building in the courtyard and the construction of approximately half of the new building. In addition to medical operations and technical facilities, this also includes the polyclinic’s new communication vertical. 

Subsequently, part of the polyclinic’s ambulances were moved to new premises and the remaining mass of the original building with the front facade to Svatopluka Čecha Street was demolished. The final phase then included the construction of the second part of the new polyclinic. The architectural design, which is based on the original building from the end of the 19th century, basically preserves the expression and division of the facades, and also uses the shape of roofs. As a result, the shape of the building is similar to the original building with valbed roofs, an elevator and a new staircase. The largest part of the first underground floor is intended for parking, the remaining parts are used for the technical background of the building. 

A total of three above-ground floors, an attic for archives and warehouses are used for further operation.

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