International sports meeting – OBERMEYER football tournament

Publication 28. 6. 2022

The long-awaited OBERMEYER football tournament, postponed twice due to Covid, took place on Saturday, June 25, and was hosted by the Prague FK Admira Kobylisy playground. 13 teams from the OBERMEYER GROUP participated in the international sports competition. In addition to the Helika Prag team, the Slovakian Helika Bratislava and the Casua team, 5 Obermeyer Infrastrukture teams, 3 Obermeyer Gebäude teams, 1 Obermeyer Project Management team and 1 management team have arrived from Germany.

There were two basic groups, 36 matches in the basic lineup. Matches for individual placements and playoffs followed. Thanks to the great organization and responsibility of the players, all the planned matches took place, despite the bad weather. The night before the tournament, 110 ml of water fell in Prague, which soaked the grass field, so it had to be played on an artificial surface.

The Helika Prag team entered this year’s tournament with the ambition to defend the title from the championship Koln 2019. Although they advanced to the semi-finals from the first place in the basic group, they were unable to win the semi-final match in regular time and luck wasn’t on their side during the penalty shootout. The match for 3rd and 4th place ended in the same way. However, considering the football quality of the teams present, even the 4th place is a success.

Likewise, the Helika Bratislava team demonstrated their quality when they won four matches in the basic group. Unfortunately, the team did not manage to make it to the semi-final matches, and finished in a good fifth place. It should be remembered that Bratislava participated in the corporate tournament for the first time as an independent team and demonstrated a sporting performance that clearly underlined the overall quality of the tournament.

The overall championship was won by the OPM team, which entered the tournament with the ambition to win, as they explained immediately when they arrived. It should be noted that a number of visiting teams from the German part of the OBERMEYER GROUP concern, in addition to team spirit, also brought a number of high-quality players and a lot of enthusiastic fans who, together with the Czech and Slovak fans, lent the Obermeyer spirit to the sports competition and thus raised it to an event of truly corporate significance. This is confirmed without exception by the positive responses to the tournament, which the organizing team received not only from the visiting teams themselves, but also from the top management of the OBERMEYER GROUP.

You can view the results list, where Czech fans will be impressed by the fourth place of our team.

1. OPM with the captain Hendrik Becker
2. OGEB Karlstat – Stuttgart, captain Alposlan Yasaroglu
3. OINF SÜD I. , captain Marco Kästner
4. Helika PRAG , captain Vojtěch Sedmidubský
5. Helika BRATISLAVA, captain Vladimírem Valentem
10. CASUA, captainMichalem Koblížkem

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