We are the general designer of the newly opened extension of the welding shop of Škoda Auto in Kvasiny

Publication 27. 4. 2023

The designing and construction-consulting office OBERMEYER HELIKA a.s. is the general designer of the construction of the extension of SVAŘOVNA K1K welding shop in Kvasiny. The client of the project is the company Škoda Auto a.s., Mladá Boleslav. Construction began in September 2021 and was completed in March 2023.  The hall was commissioned on 1 April 2023.

“The role of the general designer of the welding shop extension was our follow-up on the successful cooperation with Škoda Auto, a.s. in the Kvasiny plant, as we had previously fulfilled the role of the general designer of the construction of the M1 welding shop and its expansion. With some breaks, we have been working here since 2012,“ says the Director-General of OBERMEYER HELIKA Ing. Jiří Fousek. “The scope of this phase was a new part of the welding shop that is going to allow manufacturing of a greater variety of models. It will also provide space for employee facilities, including changing rooms with hygiene facilities, offices for the welding shop operation and logistics, production dispatch department, occupational medicine service, and payroll office,” adds Ing. Jiří Fousek.

The architecture of the building structure is purposeful, of a technical style, and a visual continuation of the existing hall – constructed as the last building in the complex – and of the other structures of the plant in terms of the shape and materials applied. The solution is predominantly based on the spatial demands on the technology, routes of the material flows and safe movement of persons within the building.

The new building took up the location in front of the old gatehouse and thus constructionally completed the south-west part of the premises. The roads and a new turning point of the in-house traffic were part of the project as well. The premises were complemented by a noise barrier reducing the impact of the noise load generated by the car traffic heading towards the town of Kvasiny. The pavements adjacent to the roads are located alongside free façades of the welding shop and provide the barrier-free movement of the employees from the old lgatehouse to the production and administrative buildings of the premises.

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