Architecture and Civil Engineering

To us, architecture is a live, progressive and constantly changing and developing discipline which brings to society not only fully functional and comfortable buildings, but also modern and original solutions.

We also collaborate with professional consultants from all types of disciplines – scientists, fine artists, graphic artists, sociologists, physicians, historians, architecture and fine art critics. In our work we also make use of experience gained from our cooperation with respected European architectural studios and renowned architects, such as the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Heinrich Böll, Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto, Studio Capelli Architettura, Benoy and others.

Company focus:

  • Public facility buildings
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Logistics and industry buildings
  • Structural and transportation engineering



Urban concepts

  • preparing land planning documentation and input materials for residential developments and large territorial projects or their parts and zones

Architectural studies

  • preparing and designing territorial projects and formations or their individual objects
  • graphical representation of projects, including 3D models

All levels of design documentation ready for implementation

  • contract preparation (obtaining all necessary input materials, surveys, land surveys, assessments, opinions and studies for making decisions concerning the project technical and economic options)
  • documentation for land planning proceedings, for building permit, for selecting a contractor, for executing the project, drafting sales documentation, etc.
  • project management activities (obtaining all necessary opinions and decisions)
  • collaboration during construction work (architectural supervision, technical supervision, drafting design documentation for client’s changes, for changes before completion and drafting as-built documentation)
  • arranging the construction of housing, engineering and technology structures and objects with both standard and special requirements

Other activities

  • conducting operation studies
  • interiors (preparation, design, blueprints and arranging outfitting interiors of buildings and exhibition and scenic structures)
  • assisting in releasing buildings into usage (technical and consultancy support of developers of demanding construction projects, preparing commissioning documentation)
  • drafting rules of operation and manuals (drafting documentation for the use and maintenance of construction and technology parts of buildings, fire protection plans, etc.)
  • rendering advisory and opponency services