Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering (MEP)

OBERMEYER HELIKA a.s. offers design solutions that are innovative, adaptable, allow easy maintenance and are suitable from the point of view of the building volume as well as its usage configuration. The energy characteristics of buildings are affected by their mass design, the construction materials used, the quality of workmanship of details, as well as by the design of the system of technical infrastructure. We incorporate all these components into our designs and in the design process optimise them by deploying the BIM method to ensure that they form a maximum effective whole. As a result, our designs meet the most stringent requirements on energy efficiency and are environmentally-friendly. To us, the prerequisite for design are features and performance and a lifelong approach and a healthy environment.


Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

  • Hot water and steam boiler plants, heat transfer and heat exchangers, boiler designs combusting biomass, wood pellets and wood chips, including systems based on renewable heat sources such as heat pumps and solar technology
  • Cooling systems from small local to centralized cooling systems and distributions in office buildings, medical and commercial equipment
  • Designs of intense absorption chillers cooling systems for IT

Waste water and storm water systems

  •  Design solutions for simple installation and advanced technologies, including water purification systems, for example swimming pools

Sanitary technical installations

  • Infrastructure constructions for technical gases for medical purposes

Heavy and light current distribution wiring, designing photovoltaic power stations

  • For voltage levels up to 3 kV
  • Involvement of lighting systems, inc. EIB technology, radio frequency management, technology DALI, etc.
  • The connection of industrial buildings and public facilities, medical facilities, sport facilities and shopping malls
  • Earthing systems and protection of buildings against lightning assessment of risk analysis according to EN 62305 and determination of sufficient distances
  • UPS, diesel generators

Measurement, control and regulation technology

  • Innovative concepts of measurement and control systems or intelligent building management

Design of PV power plantsEnvironmental management systems

  • From design through simple ventilation systems to ventilation and air conditioning technology for retail, commercial and residential projects, manufacturing facilities, operating rooms for ventilation systems and to maintain sterility of the room (RRK 1000) 

Fire protection solutions, automatic fire extinguishing systems

  • Concepts for smoke and heat exhaustion, the fire protection, sprinkler systems and fire protection systems, new constructions and renovations of existing buildings

Professional technical assessments

Project monitoring and supervision


  •  Our approach to each component of technical infrastructure of a building is as if these were components of a single system, and therefore we are able to identify opportunities for synergies – waste products of one process may be effectively utilised in another process.
  • In our designs we use the system of passive cooling, recycling of waste water, combined heat production and electricity generation equipment, and intelligent control systems.
  • We reduce energy requirements of new and reconstructed buildings and improve their impact on the environment.
  • We advise you on orienting and shaping your building.
  • We take into account the energy inherent in building materials.
  • We optimise natural resources.
  • We utilise renewable resources wherever possible.